XFactorAu 2014 Grand Winner Marlisa Ann Punzalan

Filipinos around the world are rejoicing most especially in Australia  for the victory of our teenage X-Factor contestant Marlisa Ann Punzalan from Black Town, Mt Druit  Sydney. What an amazing 15 years old girl. Such great voice talent with great attitude. We’re so proud and happy for her. Pride of the Filipino and Australia. She really deserves to win. First time in the history of Australia for a contestant of Filipino ethnicity to win  in a Major competition like XFactor. (Nagkapit bisig ang mga pinoy dito sa Australia para sa tagumpay ni Marlisa at hindi nasayang ang aming mga buto at pagpupuyat.  Mabuhay ang Pinoy! Ang Galing nang Pinoy! Mabuhay ka Marlisa Ann Punzalan!)

Trending in Facebook and Twitter now. A lot of haters and bashers and  bitter comments  I just read.   But of course, majority of it are the happy shouts of your fans and believers. But Marlisa, just continue to be you and keep your feet on the ground while aiming high.  This is just the beginning and wish you more success in your singing career even at young age. Make us Filipinos more proud and prove Australia you’re worth it.

Credit to XfaxtorAu FB page for images.

I Experienced Car Accident

So much thankful that I’m still alive and functioning after yesterday morning car accident involving another 3 cars in McGreggor Road Pakenham, close to our place. My car was badly hit, still driveable but not for long, 2 cars behind me were towed, bruises in my right hand. Dealing with police and paramedics is a bit of a stress after my world was shaken. I was numb and shaking and my emotions is slightly impaired. It was traumatic and I’m not so sure how long or how will I recover from it? I hope not for long. There was 1 baby, 1 primary school age kid in uniform, all were safe. One car was able to move out of the line and I don’t know how it happened. I was driving slowly and normally before reaching to the children’s crossing and then suddenly there was a big loud bang at the back of my car. I was almost thrown up in the air inside of my car. I managed to break and stop my car, 2 witnessess help me out of the car and sat me down on the ground until I gain back all my senses, thanks to them. It was a terrible first time bad experienced. I still feel blessed and so thankful that the accident happened after  I drop my kids to school. I can’t imagine seeing them with me during that time.  Accident still happens the less you expect it. Thanks GOD is always with me. Thanks for the gift of life.





Rock on!

My son in year 8 is rocking on at school. He loves music and he loves to play keyboards. He is learning new song to play everyday just by himself. I am just not sure what is it with him and music? He already has several cover videos on the Internet. He also loves to perform on stage. He is now part of the school liturgical choir even before when he was still in first year high school. We might get him midi from guitar center in the near future because he and his brothers are sharing with his keyboards and sometimes ended up a big chaos between them. You know boys?

Giving up on music

I heard many stories of  parents who enrolled their kids in different music lessons and ended up nothing after spending a fortune for it. Ended nothing, meaning they give up and totally forgot it. The problem of most parents is that they’re forcing things that they like for their kids to do and not what their kids wanted to do. Of course we want the best for our children, but forcing them to do things that they’re not happy is such a waste of time and money because they will never put their hearts on it. Let you kids what they want to be, not what you want them to be. Our rule is just to guide them the right way.

One friend of mine bought gibson angus young sg at guitar center and no one is playing it. She said, she will reserve it for her son, because she thinks that her son might use it in the future. I wish her son will get interested to it soon because it’s not a cheap thing to buy and make it just a display. A display? Hmmm..Why not?

Music Party

I’m thinking of having a music party for my three kid’s birthday 8 months from now. It would be nice and unusual. I will require the attendees to bring their own musical instrument or musical piece. How’s that? It would be fun to see different kinds of musical instruments on that day. A guitar or a keyboard. Piano is not easy to bring of course so just leave that. Drums with drum sticks or just maybe use a hand to tap it. A trumpet or harmonica or any other easy to bring like flute or recorder. Other kids can sing or dance. We’ll see. I might pursue that plan.

House chores

I trained my kids to do house chores. It’s good that at early age they’ll learn how to be responsible so that when time come that they’ll have a life on thier own, they’re well prepared. It’s normal that at early ages as my all boys kids will complain when you ask them to do things. They keep pointing each other to do this and to do that. They’ll always say “he’s unfair, it’s not fair”! Oh gosh! Mum knows what is fair so please listen, me said. I’m sure most mum there can relate. Such a hard profession to be a mother.

Welcome 2014

Happy New Year! What lies ahead? Some said, people will be running fast like a horse this year . Well, whatever your plans guys, I wish you all the best. I must say year 2013 was a lucky year for me and my family. We moved to our own new house which was our dream for a while. We had our kids moved to a catholic school since we wanted to do it ever since but we hadn’t got a chance. I meet good people and gain new friends in our new suburbs and estate that made me well adjusted to the new area already. Hubby passed his driving test. Many good things happened and few bad too. I’m very thankful to God for all his blessings to us.

This years comes with a new plan. A plan to move forward but not drastically. There are things I really want this year and only God knows how to make it happen. I only hope for the best.

The right guitar

I was thinking that we bought the wrong guitars for our boys before because they didn’t paid attention to it to the end. But, I just realized that they’re actually the right guitars for beginners at music123  . It’s just that they don’t like to play guitar at this stage. Maybe in the future. Hopefully. Who’s going to use the guitars we bought? I don’t want to sell it. It’s too late for me to practice more to play it.

Merry Christmas Everyone

Merry Christmas to each and everyone.
May we continue to be a blessing to others.
Let us welcome 2014 with a joyful heart.
Another Year, Another month, another day.
Another smile and another tear.
Another winter or summer,
But, there won’t be another you.
May lovely, happy times
Decorate this time of the season.
May wonders of Christmas be with us forever.

An Instrument for Him

My youngest is at a stage where is trying out different things. He is also trying out different musical instruments. I am amazed by how he can play a nice melody on the keyboard. This is considering he has not had any lessons at all. It looks like I have to get him schilke instrument soon. We are running out of instruments for him to have a go at home.